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Thanks for checking out my crypt. I'm Tratis and I create vampire comics using the Sims 4. I'll be posting my comics here in the coven, but if you'd like to download higher resolution copies, feel free to check out my itch.io page: https://tratis418.itch.io/

A few odds and ends:

  • My main focus is my overarching Vampire Sims Comics. I have most of the plot for this already worked out and along with the main characters. I will occasionally put out short side stories form time to time as well.
  • From time to time I may open up suggestions for characters or vampiric scenes people would like to see in future installments
  • I'm horribly inconsistent about any sort of release schedule, so sorry in advance if there's big gaps between new comics.
  • I've had a couple people ask me about commissions in the past. I'm open to them but my preference would be to share the work here so everyone can enjoy. I guess just private message me here or on Discord if you're want to inquire further.


For those who are curious how I create stuff in Sims 4:

  • Everything is just in-game screenshots. I don't use other 3D programs or anything to create the images for the comics.
  • I put everything together in PowerPoint...so nothing very fancy. Just the built-in text boxes and bubbles along with cropping the images down.
  • At minimum you'll need to purchase the base game and the Vampires expansion. Other expansions/game packs are probably more optional but provide a wealth of content and new areas to use in stories

Mods mods mods - There are number of mods that I use to get the Sims to "pose" for my comics, and to get the looks I want.


Posted : 21/04/2022 11:14 pm
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Happy to have you here, Tratis!

Posted : 24/04/2022 10:08 pm
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If you get fed up with PowerPoint, Comic Life is quite good generally for making comics. I use it for all my stuff for the speech bubbles and page construction.

Posted : 12/05/2022 12:27 pm
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