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Kay, so I think I've managed to clear whole game and Just wanna ask a few questions. I found all art and 19 out of 20 Endings. I tinkered a bit with game files to find out more and apparently It's ending where Bethanee finds lone Hilda in caves transforming into vampire. It doesn't seem to me like it's possible to trigger this ending. was it removed? Or did I overlook something? Someone unlocked this particular Ending?

Also it seems like there is a small bug in Ending where Mari joins willingly that causes some of her lines to be said by one of the brides. It's small bug but it made the scene a bit confusing until I figured out what's happening.

Other than that game is nice and fun and I had a blast going through it. I can never express how much I love those short corruption/vampire games. I'm happy that didn't disappear along with VY ^.^

Anyone has problems with endings and wants me to post list of the ones I've unlocked?

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That ending was blocked before. We have it fixed and bugs sorted (that I know of) in the recent updated release. Since you already started the thread, I will drop the lists here so spoilers.





Art locations
Title - east of Amara's coffin on the table.
Amara - upper hallway, east table
Candiss - bride's room, south west corner
Gabbi - cauldron room, north west corner
Shelli - torture chamber, eastern table
Mari - cave stairs, eastern side, parallel to the blue candy (strange thing)
Hilda - mummy scarecrow beach, south of the ladder, next to crate
Tirisa - trap beach, south east corner
Hilda - front of castle, south east corner
Trisia - west side outside the castle, north west corner
Bethanee - second cave stairs, east side, beware of spider
Trisia - bone path, north east corner
Candiss - middle hallway, east by candles
Shelli - middle hallway, west side table
Gabbi - lower hallway, south east corner
Mari - dining hall, south east corner
Amara - upper hall, west of entry to Amara's room, by the candles
Bethanee - lower hallway, south west corner
Hilda - crypt, south end, below the open coffin
Mari - guest room, east table
Trisia - dining hall, near western table
Hilda - kitchen, north west corner
Ending - coffin room, south west corner, behind pillar
Ending - coffin room, north east corner
Bethanee - torture room, north east corner
Mari - guest room, western table
Mari - blacony, south east corner

Totals - library, north east of entry
Ashes - library, south east corner, jar on bench
Ashes - kitchen area, north west corner, stool
Tablet - Bedroom balcony, south east corner by statue
Tablet - Cauldron room, south end by the crystal ball table
Tablet - Torture room, south west corner
Diary page - Cave where Mari appears, western side
Rope - Pit cave, next to the southern well
Diary page - west side outside the castle, south east corner
Diary page - second cave stairs, western side
Ashes - water garden, south west corner

Coffin Trap - Mari checks the standing coffin in Amara's room
Broken Bottle - the knight duo check the broken bottle
Swirly Dummy - the knight duo check the scarecrow
Candiss Trapping - Hilda checks the scarecrow once solo
Shelli Bathing - Hilda talks to Shelli outside the castle, near the water
Gabbi Flying - Hilda finds bat to the south east of the front of the castle, across the bridge
Refreshing Friend - Hilda checks the well west outside the castle
Hilda Alone - Bethanee follows the route the knights took and finds Hilda
Librarian Tirisa - Mari finds Trisia in the library
Jealous Brides - Mari enters the brides' room
Bethanee's Fall - Mari finds Bethanee in the crypt/cellar
Empty Cage - Amara checks the torture room over the cellar
Candiss' Cauldron - Mari chats with Candiss in the cauldron room
Gabbi's Mistake - Mari checks the torture room and finds Gabbi at the door
Shelli's Reflection - Mari chats with Shelli in the brides' room
Portal's Light - Mari returns to the portal and goes home
Brides' Wrath - Mari heads to the gardens and finds the brides
Captain's Light - Mari finds Bethanee in the cell
Mari's Downfall - Mari declines Amara's offer
Amara's Triumph - Mari accepts Amara's offer

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Sweet ^.^

We all are relying on you Janus since Vampyou era!

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